Goods for sale, buybacks and goods for safe keeping
For help and friendly advice call 01727 836 155
Have you got valuables that you want to keep but need immediate cash? We can help:

     - Bring in your goods/valuable(s) which you
       would like us to look after for 28 days
     - We will require two forms of ID so please
bring the following:
     - photo I.D (i.e a driving license or passport)
     - bill (showing your current address)
     - We will then give you a value in cash for your
       goods/valuable(s) and hold onto your
goods/valuables for 28 days. Within 28 days
       you can come and buy your
       back or extend for a further 28 days*

*at an additional fee

Please note failure to extend goods will result in them being sold.

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